Child Myhoody | Surf Poncho & Hoody Towel


Child Hoodie – Suitable for 6-8 Years
Use our hoodie to get dry and stay warm.

  • stay warm after a swim
  • or after activities near the pool,
  • on the beach or the boat
  • use it as a changing robe


  • Soft microfibre hooded towel with a large cosy hood for keeping heads warm.
  • Use it as a towel to dry off after swimming and wear it home in the car.
  • Roll up the hooded towel for compact packing on the go.
  • Handy deep pocket to keep hands warm, store your swim goggles and snacks
  • Wear it over swimwear or even over your clothes.
  • Perfect for NZ weather, on cooler days, pop it on all year round for protection from the sun and wind.
  • Curl up on the couch and wear it as a warm hooded poncho
  • Write your child’s name on the handy blank name tag.

Made from long-lasting and durable 260gsm microfibre fabric of 80% microfibre and 20% nylon

$2 of every Myhoody purchase is donated to Boobops Dragon Boat Team of Tauranga, a team of breast cancer survivors.

Size Guide - Child

child hoody size line work
child hoody model


Age: 6

Height: 130cm (51.18 Inches)


Colour: Berry Rose

Length: 80cm

Width: 55cm

Suits up to: 140cm


Colour: Berry Rose

Length: 80cm

Width: 55cm

Suits up to: 140cm


Age: 6

Height: 112cm (44.09 Inches)

How To Measure Your Size

Length – Measure from your shoulder down with a Tape Measure and choose a hoody to fit your height.

Width – this is the front width measurement of a Myhoody

Total Width – This is the combined width of the Front and Back Measure around your Chest/Hips with a Tape Measure and check the total width is right for you


Suits up to: 115cm

Height: 100cm

Length: 65cm

Width: 50cm

toddler model


Suits up to: 140cm

Height: 130cm

Length: 80cm

Width: 55cm

youth model


Suits: 140 – 155cm

Height: 139cm

Length: 100cm

Width: 60cm

small model


Suits: 155 – 167cm

Height: 157cm

Length: 104cm

Width: 68cm

medium model


Suits: 168 – 180cm

Height: 183cm

Length: 106cm

Width: 75cm

large model


Suits: 180cm+

Height: 183cm

Length: 115cm

Width: 82cm

xlarge model
SizeToddlerChildYouth/SmallMediumLargeXtra Large
Suitsup to 115cmup to 140cm140cm - 155cm155cm - 167cm168cm - 180cm180cm +
myhoody size guide 2023
myhoody size guide 2023 tablet

What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out why everyone is raving about MyHoody hooded towels.

Wendy Sansom
Wendy Sansom
Great service,fantastic colours & can't wait to see my grandies in them at Christmas😀
Nice and roomy so glad to have it to go to aquaroebics covers me up and warm
Marg Morton
Marg Morton
Well please with product thanks
Aisha McManus
Aisha McManus
My girl loves her MyHoody, the colour pops and its super soft. Best investment for the summer and her waka ama adventures. Speedy delivery, Thanks 😊
Gordon Mundy
Gordon Mundy
Prompt delivery .have an outdoor spa distance from the house . My hoody allows me to take wet togs off underneath my hoody and keep dry and warm on walk back to house in cold or warm. My hoody dries quickly and I use it all the time. My wife has one also. Great product material towelling. Exceeded our expectations will use at beach also.
Marilyn Young
Marilyn Young
Very happy with purchase and speedy delivery - we now have 4 hoodys in the family
Julie Cook
Julie Cook
The hoody arrived promptly, and has been so fantastic we've now got them for the whole family. It keeps you surprisingly warm out of the water, even in the winter, great to change under, perfect to take on holiday
Leola Becker
Leola Becker
Great service purchased for a holiday surprise for our grandies we are going to Rarotonga. Ordered wrong size for 1 and return and replacement was seamless.
Blair Atkinson
Blair Atkinson
We originally received one hooded towel as a gift, we have since purchased for our other son. Great product and happy to recommend. A couple of photos of our boys on a recent holiday!
S Hubbard
S Hubbard
Daughter loves it - perfect for UWH