Hooded Towels in Autumn

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So its Autumn again. It’s a great season to get out and explore New Zealand and support local business. My husband and I are off on our 1st Campervan adventure in the South Island, and we are looking forward to heading south to explore the majestic South Island. We will be visiting Christchurch, Akaroa, Dunedin, Wanaka, Cromwell and Queenstown and all the towns in between, so we are looking forward to discovering new adventures and some Southern Hospitality. We will definitely be packing our hooded towel as they are going to come in handy as a warm garment during this Autumn weather.
  • Our hoody is designed to be a long hoodie, that you can wear anywhere and anytime.
  • Due to the thermal nature of our premium microfibre, we use our hoodys for many purposes when travelling.
  • We like to use ours to dry off and pop on after a swim.
  • We wear ours on our boat for fishing and it protects us from the sun and wind.
  • It’s a warm hoody that can be popped on over clothes for a sunset picnic and being a long hoody it keeps your legs warm too.
  • We have used ours as a change towel at the beach and its handy when camping or hopping off to a shower in a Campground.
  • Its even been used as a Dressing Gown when travelling, its compact to pack and quick to dry. 
So with Autumn approaching and the weather likely to be getting cooler, remember to use layers of clothing to keep warm with this change of season. We designed our Myhoodys to suit all the NZ Seasons. Kia Kaha NZ, we hope you continue to support each other, and to be kind to all New Zealanders and we look forward to embracing all that we have to share in this beautiful paradise of New Zealand.

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