Embrace the Beauty of the Kiwi Summer with New Myhoody Styles and Colours

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By Shereen Bell, Myhoody Director

Summer is on the horizon, and to celebrate the season of sun, surf, and outdoor adventures, we have just launched your favourite beach companion in a fresh style, accompanied by four stunning new colours.

The Myhoody is now available in a ¾ sleeve option that provides added warmth and protection from the elements.

This year, our colour inspiration comes from the heart of our hometown, Mount Maunganui, where nature’s breathtaking beauty surrounds us. Discover the story behind the colours in our new range.

Rose PinkRose Pink Myhoody hooded towel with sleeves

Rose pink is a shade that evokes feelings of love, kindness, and femininity. But for us, rose pink carries an even deeper significance, one that resonates with cherished memories of a beloved family member.

This delicate shade of pink was inspired by the beautiful garden of my birth mother, Mary Davie.

In her enchanting garden in Whangamata, Mary nurtured an array of stunning pink flowers, with a tall, climbing pink rose holding a special place in her heart.

Our new Sleeved Rose Pink Myhoody is our heartfelt dedication to Mary, a tribute to her enduring love for her family and the close-knit Whangamata community, which she called home for three decades alongside her husband, Bob Davie, and their children, Daniel and Christopher.

adult med hibiscus sep23web blue bg 400px (1)Hibiscus

This hue pays homage to the majestic Hibiscus trees that grace both the landscapes of New Zealand, and Fiji, a place where cherished memories were made 24 years ago when I exchanged vows with my husband, Tim.

Hibiscus trees boast an array of mesmerising shades, but one that holds a special place in our hearts is the beautiful red-orange flower. In our own front yard in Mount Maunganui, a flourishing Hibiscus tree proudly displays its vivid red-orange blossoms, bringing forth feelings of joy and nostalgia.

The colour embodies a multitude of emotions, representing enthusiasm, warmth, and unwavering positivity. It radiates the kind of youthful exuberance that ignites a sense of adventure and fun, while providing emotional strength and resilience.

Youth Blue Whale colour surf poncho with hoodBlue Whale

Our Blue Whale Microfibre Hooded Towel draws its inspiration from the magnificent creatures that inhabit our seas.

Blue whales hold the distinction of being the largest marine mammals to ever grace our planet. Their awe-inspiring presence, longevity, and the deep blue sea that they call home have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Blue, in all its shades, embodies a profound connection to the nautical world and the spirit of adventure. It resonates with the vast expanse of the sea and the boundless sky, evoking a sense of exploration.

The love we hold for the blue seas that embrace New Zealand and the marine life that thrives within its depths is encapsulated in this enchanting hue.

Charcoal Myhoody towel with sleevesCharcoal

Charcoal stands as a testament to the rich memories and traditions that shape our lives. We find our inspiration in the Kiwi charcoal BBQ, a staple of our summers spent in campgrounds and caravans. Those were the days when our dads would pack the charcoal for the quintessential Kiwi BBQ, and we’d eagerly await the sizzle of sausages on the grill – a taste that never failed to delight.

With its deep and mysterious essence, charcoal channels the strength and allure of black. It’s a hue that exudes sophistication and reliability. While grey may be considered neutral, conservative, and unemotional, charcoal brings a touch of elegance to the palette.

Our Charcoal Myhoody isn’t just black or grey; it’s a shade that embodies the essence of shared moments over a barbecue and captures the warmth of social gatherings.

We’re excited to bring you these vibrant additions to our Myhoody collection, inspired by the beauty of nature in New Zealand.

As summer draws near, it’s time to pack your Myhoody and embark on a season filled with unforgettable adventures. Whether you’re exploring the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, enjoying a Kiwi BBQ, or simply relaxing by the sea, we encourage you to treasure those precious moments with your loved ones.

You can shop our new range of Myhoody microfibre towels with sleeves – available in Toddler, Child, Youth and Adult sizes – now.

Share Your Myhoody Adventures with Us!

We'd love to be a part of your Myhoody journey, so why not share your favourite moments with us?

Send us pictures of you wearing your Myhoody in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. Your photos could become part of our gallery page. To share your Myhoody moments, email us at info@myhoody.co.nz, tag us on Instagram using #myhoodynz, or message Myhoody on Facebook.

We can't wait to see you rocking your Myhoody!

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