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Back in the 1970’s when I was a child, Duffle Bags were all the rage. They were a handy bag made of Cotton or Canvas and often used to throw on over your shoulder to carry a few items when out and about.

We got asked for Bags to pack away our Myhoodys, so we created the modern version of the Duffle Bag and launched our MyDryBag range.
This is our custom made lightweight Nylon DryBag series.

We had them manufactured by a very reputable DryBag supplier in 4 colours and we added in the handy carry strap. These are available in 10L and 15L sizes.

DryBags are

handy after a swim or on the boat.
great for travel,
a weekend away,
a spare bag in the Car
packing a few items for day trip adventure

Recently we used our DryBags during a short holiday break in Noumea and we used them everyday as a handy shopping bag, a swim bag, and to stuff food snacks and drink bottles.

We walked through a forest one day to visit the Oro Natural Pools on the Isle of Pines and the weather that day was a bit cloudy and windy, so our Myhoodys came in handy as well as the Drybag to carry our gear and snacks.

This year we also got contacted by an Auckland School needing Bags for an AIMS Games team and we were able to print the team members names onto the Bag.
I got to meet the team during their Netball Tournament and enjoyed their feedback and watching them play Netball at the Aims Games.

So this customer chose to use DryBags as a Sports Team Bag and have them Custom Printed.

This is what our Photographer Ciska has to say about our DryBags range.

“I absolutely love mydrybag. I carry it with me everywhere as my waterproof companion. I often use it to keep my camera gear dry, always carry it with me on a hikes and recently in Raro tonga its my go to everyday bag for when I’m out scootering around, in case of those sudden tropical rain showers and I use it to carry my Snorkelling gear in. Love my drybag travel companion!

So if you are looking for a handy, low cost Xmas gift, Team Bag or just one for yourself, consider our MyDryBag ranges because we have found ways to enjoy them in our busy lifestyles and we hope you do too.

Contact us anytime if you have any questions about our DryBags and we look forward to seeing any Pictures you take on your adventures.
Email us at Info@myhoody.co.nz

Have a great Summer in 2022!

Shereen Bell
Director of Mt Surfwear Ltd.

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